Thursday, April 11, 2013

A few pictures from or trip to Marshall

I have been snapping pictures like crazy!  We are having a good time in Marshall.  There is a lot of wild and crazy kids...and a lot lot lot of snow!  The kids have had two snow days this week.  Here is the first picture dump!


Patrick-6 months already!

Therese and Bernadette

Bernadette and Auntie Susan

the three 2012 babies with Auntie Susan

Simon, Mary and Therese...up to something!

Rosey checks from playing out in the snow!

Afternoon tea-party.  The cousins had a day together since the blizzard cancelled school!

Little Dave playing in the snow.

Little Bernadette's hand...and Auntie Susan's cross.

Gus watching Grandpa on the tractor.

Building a snow man.

Sorry the pictures are so small.  I am working on my laptop from Marshall and I can't change them!  I will make them bigger once we are home!
More pictures coming soon!
Nancy, Gus and BB

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