Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter in PA

Are you ready for the picture dump?  Here is a summary in pictures of our fabulous Easter in PA!

BB meeting Pops

Gus helping Baba make Easter pies.

Out for a walk with Daddy

Kissing Jesus after service on Good Friday

A Fork-lift ride with Pappy

Easter Egg Hunt down on the Farm on Saturday

Bernadette snuggled up with Aunt Colbie

Bernadette with Aunt Becky

Amy and Jason (and Maddox)!


Billy with his Godparents. 

The Bandzuchs and the Botas 

Our Easter Picture!

Peeps on a Stitch

Bernadette and Mom Mom

Making Tombs after mass

Bernadette and Daddy taking a nap

Some Auntie Time

And there you have it!  It was a wonderful time and we already miss everyone!
Nancy, Gus, Bernadette and Billy

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  1. PA memories are so special for your little family. Nothing can replace the Family! So many blessings for my Nancy Anna! Jesus, we trust in YOU. Bless-bless, mom