Thursday, April 26, 2012

Oh my, has it been a week without a new post?

I am very sorry it has been so long since there were new pictures.  Where has the time done?  Lately Gus and I have been busy, but good busy.  Monday we tried to get life in order after an eventful weekend.  Tuesday we visited friends with a new baby and brought them lunch. Wednesday I had lunch with a good friend (both from blogging and Gus's baby class) at an amazing Thai restaurant and then we went thrifting!  Today we went to our Bible Study.  We had wonderful discussion in my class, and I hear that Gus had a fun time in the baby room.  The leader told me that he was happy the whole time and even started dancing when they sang songs.  Finally, tomorrow we are headed up to Taylors Falls to visit my cousin, an accomplished photographer, who will be giving me a few pointers on my new camera (and hopefully get me back in the mood to take pictures every day!)

And here are a few pictures I snapped.  His new new thing is that he likes to stand next to chairs and push then around.  In these pictures he has walked himself into a corner.

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