Monday, April 9, 2012

A few of the best pictures from our Easter Weekend

It was another fun trip.  We are home now, and much the same.  Gus in balancing on my knee, "organizing" our desk, and I am still dealing with pregnancy sickness.  Bill has a very busy week, and it is cold here, but hopefully it will warm up soon.  I am itching to get planting!  

Gus on a Gus-sized brum-brum!

Saturday morning breakfast...Gus found the carmel!

And because he hadn't had enough sugar yet, we let him decorate cookies...and Daddy decorated him a little bit.

Then, after a nap, Gus when for a 4-wheeler ride to daddy.  What can we say, the little boy is in love with the 4-wheeler.  We hope you are ready for lots of rides in June, Uncle Jason!

With my favorite lady, Grandma Anne, after the Easter Vigil.  We left Gus at home with Auntie Raterra.  

An Easter Gentleman!  After the 7am mass.

With the Lanoues!

Our family...Bill are I are feeling a little sleepy in this picture.  We had gone to the vigil, gone out afterward, to bed around 1am, and then to the 7am mass.  Yikes!

One of my all-time favorite pictures.  Gus's first peeps, and from the way he took them down, they won't be his last!

With grandma

On the Lanoue Farm.

We love you all, and happy belated birthday Bubba!

Nancy and Gus

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