Monday, February 6, 2012

Our Weekend

It was a fun and busy weekend.  My brother turned 23 on Friday, so Bill and I took him and a few of his friends out to eat.  We had a good time, then returned home for Gus to go to bed and then played card games together.  On Saturday night there was a big baby shower/dadelor party for a few of our close friends that are having babies this Spring. One couple is due in mid March, the other in mid April.  We had fun and Gus got to see other boys around his age  On Sunday we went to early mass and got things done around the house.  Here are the pictures I snapped.

Gus eating breakfast in his jammies on Saturday morning.

Gus playing with Jacob (and his mom Tricia) at the baby shower.  Jacob is just over a year older than Gus, so it is fun to look at Jacob and imagine what Gus will be like next year.

With our babies.  April and Micah (2 mo).

The two expectant mothers!  

And finally, I tried to film Gus playing his xylophone...but of course once I turned on the camera he got stage fright.

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