Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The last couple days

Hello All,
I has been an eventful couple of days.  Gus and I spent Friday night through Sunday night in Valley City North Dakota with my dear friend Dorothy and her two children.  It was a fun little trip, but both of us were happy to get home to our own bed and to Billy.  Luckily Monday was President's day, so Bill was off work and we had a family day.  And...big news...Bill decided to spoil me, and we got a new camera!!!!!  And, I mean a nice camera!  I am so excited.  SO ECITED!  It is one of those cameras with interchangeable lenses.  When we got home last night Bill and I were just playing around with it and even with the lens that the guy at the store said we would be "disappointed" in, we were blown away.  The pictures are amazing.  It is incredible.

Well, having told you all this, don't be disappointed, but all of the following pictures are from my old camera.  It is my goal to spend this Mardi Gras reading my camera's manual and getting a few of the pictures I've taken onto my computer.  I hope it is easy!

But, enjoy these pictures in the mean-time.  I might not have taken them with the best camera, but the subject matters more than makes up for that!

Gus practicing rolling on my bed while I packed for our trip on Friday.

 Gus and Alex Russell (Dorothy's 2 year old).  Gus told Alex was pretty funny!

Dorothy had a very loving kitty.  Gus LOVED her.

Us with our kids.  Alex- 2 yrs, Katherine- 3 months and Gus 8 months.

And finally, Gus found a few favorite place to play....the sink!  (And don't worry mom, our hot water is off!)

Finally, here is a little video showcasing Gus's new trick.  Sorry it is sideways.

We love and miss you all,
Nancy, Gus and Billy

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