Monday, September 26, 2011

a weekend of many pictures!

It was an eventful weekend for our family...and here are the many pictures we took along the way....

First of all, Bill is the master of getting Gus to fall asleep in his arms...when I hold him all he wants to do is EAT!

This weekend started out with a visit from the Little Sisters of the Lamb, the religious order my sister Susan is a part of.  Although Susan is in France, these sisters are in the states and stopped by for a chat.

They really enjoyed seeing Augustine!   My mom was down in Kansas City visiting them when Gus was born, so they really feel like they were a part of it too!  In the picture are ls Benedict, ls Ode and ls Lucy.

Then, right after the little sisters left, we headed down to Marshall.  Maria, Joe, Therese and David Librande were in my mom made sure to take some cousin pictures!

And so Gus pictures.

And some more Gus pictures, with his biggest fan, Therese!

And then we had to take some pictures of Gus with his Godfather, Paul.

Grandma Anne was also out for the evening.

And little David had a new hair cut--one that matched his dad's!

Then we had a campfire in the grove and roasted hotdogs and made smores.  And, Gus showed everyone how he could suck his thumb!

And we all got a little messy.

Then on Sunday, after the Librandes had left, we took some more Gus pictures!

And some more.

And then, once we were home, dad started training his son in the Steeler tradition.  They watched the game together.

We love you all.  Gus is getting mad at me for sitting sorry if there are typos!
Nancy and Gus

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