Monday, September 5, 2011

I thought I would try starting a blog....

With our family a little spread out, we thought it might be fun to start a blog, more for sharing photos of Gus than anything else.  We are so so so so happy to be parents and feel so blessed!  Gus is a wonderful, easy baby, and will hopefully be the first of many babies!  We love him very much, so please excuse any gushing we may give into on this blog.  Enjoy!

To get us started, here is a series of pictures taken this Saturday.  Bill had to work (they went live with SAP) so Gus and I had some time around the house to play with the camera.  Please understand that I don't really know what I am doing yet...!  I will learn as we go.

Gus likes to look at himself in the mirror...vanity?

Sitting in the shade

diaper change...see why below!

Nap time after daddy got home from work

Chubby little toes

Gus's new favorite thing...his thumb!

His first time in the bumbo!  Sorry, I can't figure out how to flip this picture!

The reason for the diaper change!

Bye guys! Thanks for checking out our blog!

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