Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pictures from Bill's camera

Since I don't have any new pictures to share, here are the pictures Bill has taken on his phone recently.

The first two picture are from the walk that Bill and Gus went on while I was at work last night.  It was the first time Gus wore his little baseball cap.  And, a little shout-out all the way to Egypt--Rana, he loves his elephant, and don't worry, I washed it.

The rest of these pictures are from Sunday when we watched the Steeler's game.  This first one is my favorite.  I snapped it when both of them were intently focused on the game.  Shortly after this Bill yelled in celebration when the Steelers scored their first touchdown, and scared Gus nearly half to death.  Notice also in this picture Gus' special blanket that Bill insisted he have even before he was born.

And here he is all dressed up in his jersey and waving around his little terrible toddler towel.

I promise to take and add new pictures soon!  We love you all,
Nancy and Gus

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