Monday, January 25, 2016

Fun with Cousins on Post

We are back in our comfy KC house, and glad to be.  But, we had a terrific week with our cousins.  The kids all got along great and had a ton of fun dressing up, playing outside, getting to know each other all over again.  Here are a few of the shots I snapped while we were there.

Dress up time with all the cousins, on the top bunk.

I had Therese help me with a few projects (such a good sport!) and she willingly modeled the Lenten Finger puppets she colored for me.

Patrick and Bernadette playing house in Dominic's pack-n-play

Ice Cream and play time at McDonald's

A few outside pictures.  It got a lot warmer and nicer as the week went on.

Gus stole my camera and took this picture.

And finally, my attempt at getting a boy-only picture.

That's it!  Check my mom's blog for some better pictures.