Monday, April 20, 2015

our road trip, part 2

Well, something very sad happened.  We had this fabulous week in Uniontown with Bill's family and I took loads of pictures.  LOADS!  and then, as one of the last things we did, we hiked up the mountain...and somehow I bumped a button and they all got deleted. I didn't even realize this had happened until tonight...and this was the first picture on my camera--Amy and Maddox at the top of the mountain.  Yup, all the pictures I took before--all of these great pictures of all of the grandkids with Mimi and Pops got deleted.  
And I'm sick about it.
Oh well--we are all safe and had a wonderful trip...and I did get a few good pictures.  Here is what didn't get deleted.

All of these pictures are from an evening party we had to celebrate Bill's dad's 60th birthday.

I am so bummed about the lost pictures.

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