Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Bath Time and Sibling Pics

I have just a second to write this--hard to get a chance to when my hands are free!  But, here are a few of the latest pictures of our tribe.  Dominic has had two baths, one a few days ago and a real bath this evening.  Both times daddy was the master bath-giver and had two very eager little assistants.  

And, with my mom here again today we had some fun posing the kids for some photos.  Because we are crazy we took a chair outside and had some fun.

Three cute kids with bare feet!

And then, after Bernadette went down for a nap Gus and I set up a photo shoot inside.  My photo assistant had to get in on the first photo.

And daddy took this cute picture tonight.

And here are the pictures of tonight's bath.

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