Tuesday, May 13, 2014

First few days on the farm: May 2014

Ready for a picture dump?  I got some cute ones!

The first pictures are ones that already appeared on my other blog as part of a sponsored post for Wet Nap, but in case you missed them, here they are:

The kids have finally been able to get out and enjoy the yard (when it isn't raining).  They love being outside.

This is Bernadette's cheesy smile that she does every time she notices me taking her picture.  She says cheese and then smiles like this...not quite sure it's cute...

The next day my husband spoiled me with a new lenses for my camera as a mother's day gift (love it!!) so I took a lot of pictures of the kids playing in the yard...

And Bernadette found a friend at the back of the yard that likes getting hugs.

And then, since it was in the high 60's after all, we got out the pool!

But, then it got gloomy, and daddy headed to Australia.  So, we headed to Marshall--where it was also rainy and cold...

But, at least there were baby kitties!

Bernadette is scared of the dogs at my parent's house, but she loves the baby kitties at Aunt Ruthie's house!
She especially likes helping them eat.

Saturday was more rain...but when the sun finally came out in the evening we headed outside to play in the puddles...and the mud.

Gus refers to this puddle as "My puddle".  He really loves it.

Little Miss Bernadette eventually wandered off the cement and got in a sticky situation...

Then, Grandpa came by and took Gus for a muddy 4 wheeler ride.

Now, that is a happy boy!

Sunday we headed to mass with the Lanoues and there was some competition for who got to sit on Grandpa's lap.

Luckily when we went to get donuts after mass we found a cart with 2 steering wheels...that kept them from fighting for a little while...

The rain continued Sunday and all day Monday.  Monday afternoon we decided to head out and take a few puddle pictures with a pretty little girl.  This is the million dollar shot!

While we were taking pictures we were listening to Grandpa feed the cows and there was lots of mooing.  Bernadette was mooing right along with them.

And finally, Gus in his favorite place in the world.

There ya have it--a look at what we have been up to.  
We miss you daddy!
Nancy, Gus, Beep and Dominic

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