Friday, May 16, 2014

exploring the farm

Bill is off exploring Australia today (or tomorrow--this time change is crazy) and we are still on the farm.  But, we spent the afternoon exploring the farm, and that feels pretty fun too!
Here are a few pictures of our recent adventures.
First off, a photo the two silly girls humoring their grandmother and sitting for another photo-shoot.

Today the guys finally got back out in the fields.  I took Gus out to ride with Grandpa in the Quad Trac Tractor, but thought Bernadette might want to sit in there for a minute too....wrong.

Gus pulling away with Grandpa--see his little head turned around in the little seat?

And, this evening Gus helped Uncle Paul fold up the digger.  He was pretty proud.

After Uncle Paul headed out to dig, the kids and I headed out to explore the farm.

There were a couple cute calvies to look at through the gates.

And then we found an old feet bunch that worked well as a jungle-gym.

We plan to plant the rest of my mom's garden tomorrow, so look for some dirty pictures tomorrow.
Nancy, Gus, Bernadette and Dominic

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