Sunday, March 16, 2014

Late Winter Pictures

I have not been doing a good job taking pictures lately.  I am just so sick of the snow, and now that it is finally melting, what is underneath is really ugly.  The kids are cute, and I should just keep snapping pictures of them, but with Bill gone, once again, for a 2 week business trip, I struggle to juggle both of the kids and my camera.  But, I just dug through the last few weeks of pictures and found a few that I had yet to share.

First, Bernadette and Luke.  She is so good and cute with her little cousin.  When he woke up from a nap this afternoon she went in to get him with me and just wanted to keep hugging, and hugging him.  And he is a serious gem of a baby!

The next few pictures, with all the snow, are from a few weeks ago, before any of it melted.  Bill took the snow blower out into the yard and created a path for Gus to "mow".  He had a blast...but the path already looks a lot less dramatic.  At that time we also snow blew and shoveled off our deck which has given the kids a great new place to play. 

And Bernadette is still a daddy's girl, big time.

This final group of pictures I just took yesterday and today.  With Bill gone we are once again down on the farm.  The weather has shifted again and it has been cold, but the kids have still be outside quite a bit.  Gus loves riding around on his bike...even though the ground is really bumpy.  It was muddy, with lots of tire tracks, and then it froze, but he keeps trucking around on that little bike.

The Lanoue kids showed Gus how to climb the hay-bail piles...but he wasn't quite brave enough to join them.

Then they showed Gus how to stomp in the puddles and pick up huge pieces of ice...and thankfully Gus wasn't brave enough to join in on this either!

And, one last picture.  With St. Patrick's day tomorrow we had fun putting on a little green and snapping a picture.  As you can see, I didn't really find a lot of green for little miss Bernadette...and she wanted nothing to do with that hat!


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