Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Our farm fun continues...even though today was made less fun with snow.  But, here are a few pictures I actually snapped yesterday when we had a chance to spend some time outside.  

Rose, riding in style.

Bernadette's 1st pair of glove got soaked in minutes...so we opted for a bigger pair...

Gus and Dave working on what was...at the time...the only snow left in the yard.

She really is this silly...all the time.

And then, after naps we went outside to meet a little calf that was only a few hours old.  Gus was really brave, and even excited.  When the calf let out a loud "mooo" he thought that was hilarious.  Bernadette was less than happy to be there, but for the entire next day whenever you ask her, "Bernadette, what does a cow say?" she responds with a loud "MOOOOOO!"

Don't worry, the mother of the baby calf was locked in a separate pen.  

After a few minutes with the calf, Gus thought he was an expert...just like his dad!!

And, just one from today.  We once again had fun playing with cousins and Gus and Bernadette had a lot of fun playing rough in a baby swing.  

All the best,

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