Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Visiting Uncle John at Seminary

Friday Gus and I had a fun day over in St. Paul with my brother.  John is in his first year of seminary.  I wanted to get over there and spend some time with him and see his life before I had two kids in tow.  John showed us around, treated us to lunch and introduced us to some wonderful men.  John and I had some good time to chat, and Gus enjoyed sitting on his uncle's lap.

Great pictures, huh!
Thanks for a great day, John.
Hopefully the next post will be a post with pictures of the new baby.
Bill and I are ready--and Gus has no idea what is coming.  I guess we might have to change the name of this blog!

We'll see!
Nancy and Gus

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  1. Great pics!!! I was just thinking about you and baby today! You are so close!!! I'm really excited for you and hope all goes well. Can't wait to meet the little sweetie! :)