Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween--30 years in the making!

Another week gone!  Wow!  Life feels like it is moving both really fast and really slow.  Lately the slowness has come in waiting for this baby.  I know I am only 38.5 weeks, but my OB told me yesterday that I was dilated to a "strong 3" already and could go any naturally I thought any day would be yesterday...but that didn't happen.  And then there were more signs of getting close today...but again nothing yet.  Hummmm...  And, keep in mind that Gus came right at 38 weeks, so I'm not used to having to wait!

Oh well, I have a few minutes to finally get these pictures up here.  On Halloween we dressed up Gus in Billy's old Raggedy Andy costume that his mom made for him 30 years ago.  So cool that she still had it!  We had fun getting him dressed up...and he eventually tolerated the costume.  Here is a picture of Billy and his cousin Becky dressed up in their costumes 30 years ago.

And here is Gus this year:  As you can tell, it took him awhile to get used to the wig.

We hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!

Nancy and Gus

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  1. Oh my gosh....the one of Gus crying with Bill made me LOL. Sorry Gus!!