Tuesday, July 17, 2012

We are back from Michigan!

We had a wonderful two weeks in Michigan, but there is something about getting back to your own bed and life that is just so wonderful.  Gus is also happy to be home.  He loved all the cousin-craziness the past two weeks, but by the end he was one tired boy!

Yesterday I loaded 1,100 pictures onto our computer...and after that I was too overwhelmed to even start sifting through them.  Because of this I have decided (for now) to just post the highlights.  I will be adding more soon, and will be posting a few on my other blog.

For now, here is a taste of our time on the big lake.

Our first trip to the beach.  

Little Rose, enjoying a warm day on the sand.

One of many walking lessons with dad.

Big Dave swimming off the rocks at the cabin.

Our family at a near-by State Park.

The Lanoues at another State Park.

And us too!

Out swimming again!

Playing in the sand with Little Dave.  Gus spent LOTS of time playing in the sand this week.

Big Dave, with character to spare.

Classic Little Dave

I know it's blurry, but this is a picture of the few and the brave that went down (and up) Log Slide sand dune at Pictured Rocks.  It is 300 ft nearly straight down, ending in beautiful Lake Superior. You can get down the dune in a matter of minutes, but it takes almost an hour (for most people) to climb back up.  I have done it several times in years past, but this year I sat it out with the rest of the pregnant ladies and the babies.  My brother John also went down, and although he had a "spiritual experience" struggling to get back up, he did, in the end, make it up!  And, I should mention that the fastest time (by far) was clocked by little Simon Lanoue.

A view from the top of Log Slide

On Mackinac Island, just Bill and I.  We left Gus with the rest of the family and headed there for a two day get-away.

We biked around the island (8 miles).

That evening we went back to Mackinac City where we staying in a nice bed and breakfast.  The Mackinac Bridge is in the background of this shot.

All the kids made tie-dye shirts which they wore to the 4th of July parade!

And while waiting for the parade, Gus got a few more walking lessons.

Gus walked for the first time on Saturday night after mass!  Right before Bill headed back to Minnesota!  After mass we walked down to the lighthouse, which is our tradition.  

With dad on the way to the lighthouse.  Thanks for the outfit Auntie Tina!

We took a Grandma picture at the lighthouse...and everyone was happy except Gus!

All the daddies left on Sunday, but that night Grandpa arrived for the second week.  Gus and Grandpa are buddies (I think it might have something to do with all the ice cream grandpa gives him...)

Therese was a swimmer this year!


Sweet Therese

At the end of the second week we once again walked down to the lighthouse, this time for a Grandpa picture.  The biggest different from the week before is that Gus walked this time!

Gus was much happier this time for the picture!

Walking back from the lighthouse

He's one of the big kids!

That night guess what he got from grandpa.  More ice cream!

It was a wonderful trip!  I will hopefully be posting more pictures tomorrow of the family pool party we were at on Sunday.  We have been having tons of fun in the sun!

Nancy and Gus

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