Monday, July 30, 2012

Just a few shots from the weekend

Our little family had an eventful weekend.  Although we didn't leave town, we did (gulp) buy a van.  That's right, we are now van-people.  The van we got is really nice.  The only sad thing is that we traded in my little red car.  I want a van, but I loved that car!

We also were busy with friends this weekend.  On Saturday night we hosted a bonfire at our house...or at least we had a bonfire until it rained on us.  On Sunday we watched a lot of olympics and attended a birthday party for a boy that is 2 months younger than Gus.  The following pictures are from that party. There were tons of kids there, and it was hot.  Gus had fun playing in the water, but he did not enjoy the kids picture we tried to take at the end of the party.

Enjoying some cold watermelon.

Kid picture attempt 1

Kid picture attempt 2

And then, everything fell apart.  Everyone was crying and running away.  We should have run to get Gus, but we decided to take these precious pictures instead.

Notice the spork in his hand.  He loves that spork.  It ended up coming home with us, and he played with it again this morning.  What a sill boy.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
Nancy and Gus

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