Friday, June 22, 2012

Our trip to PA: part 1

We were crazy, once again, and made the LONG drive out to PA.  We were excited for the trip: it had been a long time since we had seen all of Bill's family, and Bill's cousin Colbie was getting married.  But, maybe just because I'm pregnant, the drive felt even longer this time.

Really, it was a wonderful week.  We had lots of fun swimming, eating, dancing, eating and catching up with family..and eating some more.  It was sad to leave.  I can tell Gus is still thinking about PA...he keeps saying "dog" and looking for Bill's parent's puppy.  

As usual, we took lots of pictures while traveling.  Here are a few shots from our first two days out there.

Bill's sister Amy was there to greet us when we finally got there on Thursday afternoon.  We quickly headed outside and Gus met his new favorite animal, Gabanna, the puppy.

Shortly after that we went to cool off in Bill's Aunt's pool.  When he got out of the pool, Gus showed off his cruising skills for Mimi and Pops.

An artistic shot Bill took that evening.

Friday was the rehearsal meal for the wedding and Gus met the funniest guy ever, Uncle Marcus!

A candid shot at the rehearsal dinner

Finally, Bill and all of his cousins were surprised to be presented with a hanky made from their grandmother's wedding dress.  I think this is such a nice picture of everyone.

Many more pictures to come!

Nancy and Gus

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