Monday, November 7, 2011

We are back and ready to blog!  Sorry for the long time between updates.  Gus and I spent a couple days at my parent's house, and then this weekend was busy!  We took out a few trees with this help of my dad and brother, I worked on Sunday, and Sunday night the Steelers were playing...but we won't go into that.  Here are pictures from the last couple days that both I took and my mom took.  Enjoy!

Down on the farm eating some of grandma's home-grown squash.

The reason we went down--to help can apple pie filling.  David and Gus were so much help!

What a cool dude.  Gus watching us make pie filling.

After the work was done, we went for an adventure out in my sister's pasture.  It was a beautiful day, and Gus was happy to wear this new outfit from grandma and his new hat from Bubba.

All the Lanoue kids, Gus and I climbed up on a tree that was tipped over in the big storm this summer.

And this is my new favorite picture of the two of us.  Thanks mom!

Gus and his grandpa, who had clearly just come in from working.

The next day was a little cooler, so be bundled out and helped grandma put clothes out on the line.

Then we headed out to look at the cows and calves.

He really is a farm-boy at heart.  He didn't cry at all.  He just looked at those calves and sat comfortably in the feed.

Back home, daddy has taken charge of giving Gus his evening meal.

As I mentioned, we took out a few trees on Saturday with the help of my dad and brother.  It was a lot of work, but we felt good (and tired) at the end of it.  I didn't take any pictures during the work, but here are a few of the crew unwinding over supper.  Even Gus was shot.  He passed out in him Grandpa's arms.

Sunday we hosted a few friends for the Steeler's game.  Here is Ben K and the boys.

Maire and Blake also joined us...and OH MY, did Gus LOVE Maire!  He has just been cranking upstairs for mom, but once he sat down on Maire's lap he was all smiles.  He is a little flirt!

Today we are home cleaning and trying to adjust to the cool weather.  Since we have so much apple pie filling, I think we will be making pies this afternoon.  We hope you all are well.  

Nancy and Gus

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