Monday, November 21, 2011

Lots of pictures from a fun weekend.

Hello everyone!  I hope you had a fun weekend.  We sure did, even though we got our first taste of snow, which none of us were excited about.  Here are a whole bunch of pictures and I will tell the story that goes with then as we go.

On Friday Gus and I went to visit my friend and cousin-in-law Courtney and her three boys, Holden, Brandon and Wyatt.  They have a new house and it was fun to see where they live now.  Wyatt and Brandon are about 5 months older than Gus, so I was also excited for them to show Gus a thing our two, like crawling and climbing...and they sure did that!
The twins, Wyatt and Brandon



Gus is getting close to sitting.

Gus and Wyatt checking each other out.

All four boys playing in the basement.

Holden being very sweet and holding Gus.

Gus tried to show off his new trick (almost) rolling over.  He actually rolled over 4 time yesterday!

And then before we left we attempted to do a group picture.  We probably should have thought to do this before all the boys needed to go down for a nap.  Oh well, think of them was action shots!

Even Gus was upset by the end!  

Gus napped on the way home from Courtney's and shortly after we arrived home, the Lanoues showed up!

And Gus had to pose for a few pictures with his Godparents.

And Mary thought Gus would be thrilled to take a picture with this cow...Which we he was of course.

David, Mary and Gus

David just loves baby Gus.  He tells Gus how much he loves him all the time and gives him lots of kisses.  Thank goodness he didn't have a cold this visit!

Oh David!

David and Mary got busy making Gus pictures.  Here they are showing Gus their creations.  

And David figured out how to get Gus to belly laugh.

Saturday we took the three kids to the hotel were Ruth and Paul were staying for a conference.  The hotel had a pool!

Some more Godmother shots.

Ready to swim!

Even Gus got in his swim suit...but the pool was cold, so he had to be happy just watching his crazy cousins.  

And playing with Daddy.

The pool rats.

The biggest water bug since her Auntie Maria.

After the Lanoues took off we watched the snow fall and got some good play time in.

This is one of my favorite faces that Gus makes.

And finally, Sunday evening we had some friends over for dinner.  Dave brought this impressive hat, so we had to put it on Gus.

He's not grumpy because of the hat!  He's grumpy because it is winter already!

Our friends who joined us for dinner.

Thanks for stopping by!  We are getting excited about Thanksgiving.  

Nancy and Gus

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