Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Late fall 2015

And, here are a few pictures from late Fall, early Winter 2015.

First off, Thanksgiving.
Dommy and I took a pre-meal nap...and this sleeping boy was just too precious.  I had to take a few pictures.
Notice how dirty his little hands are...clearly we were at the farm.

Bernadette and Rose...looking...umm....

The Turkey!  Yes, it even tasted as good as it looks!

Grandma Anne and Lukey

The feast plated up.

Back home, Gus and Bernadette playing in the snow that didn't last very long.

And, we got new windows all through the kitchen.  Gus was happy to watch...and we got to enjoy the windows for a whole month before we moved.

And finally, a few shots of Gus at his first Christmas concert.  He did great!

Last post of pictures coming shortly!

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