Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Fun at the Children's Museum with the Cousins

Today we had a blast at the Children's Museum in Brooking, SD.  All 8 of the kids enjoyed themselves--and were pretty tired when we left.

First stop was the farm/conveyor belt/grocery store

Then we climbed the huge Twister.  Gus was the best climber!

Dommy and Bernadette camped out in the Tipi.

And Gus made it to the top of the twister!  I know you can't tell from this pictures, but it was actually really high.

And then Dommy got attached by an Eagle outside the Tipi

The Lanoues demonstrated their strength.

And Luke changed a few tires.

Then we headed outside to go fishing and tie dye some shirts.

Next Gus and David dug up some dinosaur bones.

Then we headed to the splash room.

Next up the art room and painting on windows.

And finally, a huge light bright!

It was fun--and Daddy, we miss you!

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