Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Camp 2014!

We had a rocking good time at Cross Christmas Camp this past weekend!  Here are a few of the highlights:

First off, I made super hero capes for Gus and his two David for most of the weekend we had 3 caped crusaders running around.  

We also made sure to take lots of pictures of the 3 little boy cousins, all born within a year of each other: Luke, Romeo and Dominic.  

Bernadette spent some good time with Baby Jesus.  Thankfully Auntie ChaCha was smart this year and wired Baby Jesus into the he didn't suffer any serious injury this he did last year.  

Maria and her new will sweet Romeo

Joe was, once again, part of the Christmas Camp jam session.

Bernadette really got into the cookie decoration and crafts this year...and got plenty messy and sticky!

Bernadette was happy to see Dominic...and yes, she is really strong.

Dominic and daddy got in lots of good snuggle time.  Daddy even snuggled him to sleep a couple of times.

I told Bernadette and Patch to smile...and this is the best they could give me...

As usual, we went to mass on Saturday night and snapped a few pictures in the church before we left.

Then, it was time to snap a few pictures of the Verly clan. Everyone was there except Susan!
I uploaded them all so that you can pick out the best one, Mom!

And we tried, once again, to get a good Bandzuch family picture.

And then, after a few shots of the entire Cross Clan, Santa came!!!


Bill and I even sat on Santa's lap...poor Santa!

And, that was Cross Christmas Camp 2014.  We are back home now, getting a few things pulled together before Thursday!

Nancy, Bill, Gus, Bernadette and Dominic

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