Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day in PA

Okay, here we go!  The epic picture dump from our time in PA over Labor Day.  Enjoy--and if you'd like to take/use any of the pictures here you are more than welcome to!

We had a great time visiting Bill's family in PA this last week.  It was Dominic's first time out there and our 1st time flying with 3 kids.  We all survived and had lots of fun along the way.

First off, Dominic met Mom Mom

On Wednesday we had some fun with Maddox and enjoyed ourselves at the park.

Wednesday night we enjoyed some time in Donna and Chuck's pool...  I may or may not have fallen in love with taking pictures of people in this pool.  It's so beautiful with the farm in the background...

Maddox was happy to see his mommy arrive!

How sweet.

The whole Bandzuch clan.

On Thursday Bernadette had a cute ponytail.

And an even cuter Steeler's outfit!

Friday we went to a splash pad.

And, on Saturday we headed over for the Labor Day Party!

Bernadette helped pass out the beer.

The Tungate Family.

Dominic with MiMi and Colby 

Aunt Barbie and Nick

The coloring station.

Barbie and Pops.

And then, Bernadette got a PRINCESS outfit!

Maddox walking.

Chris and Zuzu dancing to the Lego Song.

Greatest smile!

You know what to do.

Bill and Julie

And, we got to meet Ericka!

The next day we gathered again for more food and family.

Baba and Nancy

Ericka--such a pretty girl!

We had to get a few pictures of Becky and  Billy with their new babies!

And Gus made a new friend!  Lu!

While we were there I think Dominic got a little bit chubbier!  

Marcus and his little girl.

Baba and Dominic sleeping.

That evening we spent a little more time with MomMom and Aunt Paula.  Dominic was wearing a cute little golfers outfit..and Bernadette was still a princess.  

Finally, today we went back down to the farm for a few pictures.

Look--I made a picture!

Congrats!  You made it to the end of this post!

much love, nancy, billy, gus, bernadette and dominic.

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