Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Time with Baba and Pappy

We had a fun week with family.  Bill's parents were here last week and, although it was hot, we had some fun!  Here are some of the pics I snapped while they were here.
Dominic passed out with Baba.

Bernadette got her hair done by Baba each morning

One day Daddy came home from work early and we went swimming!

Wednesday night we met Aunt Barbie and Uncle Bob for supper.

And, we tried to take a nice picture of the kids with their grandparents...thanks a lot Gus!

 But, I did get some nice ones of the kids on the day Dominic turned 6 weeks old.

And then, on Saturday, I was able to get a pretty nice one of all three kids and their grandparents.  Trust me, Baba and Pappy, after you left you were missed!

And finally, today Gus wanted to dress like his little brother, so here they are, both wearing their dump truck shirts.

All the best,
Nancy, Bill, Gus, Dominic and Bernadette

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