Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bernadette at 4 months

First of all, I need to apologize for really slacking at posting pictures on this blog.  Honestly, I have been putting a lot of time and energy into my other blog, so I sort of forget about this one.

I feel particularly bad about this because our little Bernadette is growing and changing so much these days.  She is getting so big, and acts like she wants to sit up.  She also likes to giggle, especially at her brother.  I hate it when a day goes by and I fail to take a picture of her!

So, this morning Gus and I did a little 4 month photo shoot.  (I know, she turned 4 months yesterday, but we forgot yesterday).

Here's the best of what we got:

 A behind the scenes picture of my assistant trying to get the baby to smile...and taking all of the toys away from her...  He has a new word: "Mine".  I had no idea so many things around the house were his!  The dish washer, the computer, the van, even the baby.  He has pointed at all of these things and clearly stated, "mine" just today.

But I digress...

In this picture she's telling us a story.

And then, even though he wasn't dressed yet, my assistant had to get in the picture.  I't not quite so easy for her to sit on his lap anymore!

 And...then the camera battery died.

Here are a few more shots I took a few days ago.  i wasn't thrilled with them...and as you can see if you find Gus in the background, I had a very short window to shoot pictures!

 See what I mean...

This last one is pretty cute though, huh?  Her brother's crying doesn't seem to bother her too much!

Well, we are off to the farm tomorrow.  We are headed down with my cousin and her kids to see the baby calves!  I will definitely be taking pictures of that!

Nancy, Gus and BB

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