Monday, January 21, 2013

Brother/Sister Photo Shoot

So it is cold here, very cold.  Since we don't have any pressing engagements, that means that I am really a stay-at-home mom.  Therefore, to pass the time at home we are doing all sorts of things, like brother-sister photo shoots!  Here are some shots I took yesterday and this morning.

The chubby little girl is starting to find her hand--we are hoping she finds her thumb soon and becomes a thumb sucker, since she refuses to take a nuk!

I made her this little hair piece this morning.  The little blue bow in her hair yesterday lasted for one a few minutes, since her hair is still very short and very thin.

I hope you are all staying warm!  Today I am very thankful that I am able to stay home, and that we have a nice warm house.
Love you all,
Nancy, Gus and Bernadette

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