Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Camp!...and more

Ready for a huge mess of pictures?  Here we go!  

Bernadette meeting Penny, a little girl born exactly one week before our little BB.

A shot with our tree in the background, before all of the ornaments mysteriously disappeared from the bottom...hummm...

A snow storm a few weekends ago.  We were literally snowed in one Sunday.

Gus got all bundled up and headed out to help dad shovel snow.

A few days later my sister and her family arrived, and we got to meet baby Patrick, the miracle boy!  

Sleepy, chubby baby stretch.

Patrick smiling!

Therese loves little Therese.  Here Bernadette yawns in her is hard work being a baby!

And then the Lanoues arrived and it was time to decorate cookies...or...

For Gus it was time to eat frosting!

Somebody looks a little guilty in this picture!

Even after all the cookies were decorated, Gus stuck around...because there was still frosting!  

Then we got dressed up and took some pictures!  Uncle Paul with all the babies, Patrick, Bernadette, Rose and Gus

The rest of the shots are from Cross Christmas Camp.

If you've received our Christmas Card this will look familiar! 

Ruthie and Rosie

Rosie and baby Jesus

 Then we tried to set up all the grandkids for a picture.  Everyone was up for it....

Except Gus!

We tried moving him to the back...but that didn't help much.

After carols, Santa showed up!

Mary giving Santa her list.


Baby Patrick

Our little BB

Rose--who was busy taking a nap.

David Joe


The Bandzuch family.

Big Dave

Uncle Johnny


The Librande Family

The Lanoue Family

Great Grandma and Great Grandpa

And then Daddy told Gus, "No more candy!"

Poor Gussy.  Daddy can be so mean!

We are off to the big Verly Christmas event this weekend.  More pictures next week!

Nancy, Gus and BB

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  1. SOOOOO Great! Wish I could borrow them, but I can't anymore. Sure loved seeing them all! Family is a great gift and you captured it beautifully! Jesus, we trust in you. Bless-bless, mom Verly