Monday, August 13, 2012

The past few days...

I just loaded the pictures from the camera onto the computer and I am going to share the best of what we have taken lately.  We had a wonderful weekend.  On Friday we gave Gus a haircut...and he really looks like a big boy now!  The weather was perfect on Saturday and we spent most of the day outside--between a splash park and our yard.  Sunday was a little cold and rainy, so we had a relaxing day and that evening we went out to celebrate a friend's birthday.  All is well and here are the pictures!~

Helping Mom clean the floor

The next pictures are at the splash park.  The little boy in the hat is his friend Micah.  We had a picnic with their family before and then headed over to the water!

Notice the new haircut...he looks older!

Eating peaches with dad

Goofing around with Maire at Bucca's for Becky's birthday

We hope your Monday is going well
Nancy and Gus

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